Training catalog

IEPC can provide instruction on the following technical fields:

  • Maintenance techniques for power plants.
  • General information about electricity generation.
  • Hydraulic power plants and renewable energies.
  • Valves and piping in power plants.
  • Instrumentation in power plants.
  • Process regulation in power plants.
  • Programming of Allen Bradley® digital control systems.
  • Heat exchanger and pumps.
  • Boilers and fuels of conventional thermal power plants.
  • Thermodynamics applied to power plants.
  • Operating principles of steam turbines.
  • Commissioning and directing steam turbines.
  • Diagnosis and inspection of steam turbines.
  • Assembly and disassembly of steam turbines.
  • Operation and constituting elements of power generators.
  • Excitation systems of power generators.
  • Auxiliary systems of H2 cooled generators.
  • Commissioning of power generators.
  • Operation of power generators.
  • Electrical protection systems of power generators.
  • Diagnostic operations on power generators.
  • Mechanical assembly and disassembly of power generators.
  • The distribution of electricity in power plants.
  • Electric power motors.
  • Power transformers.
  • High voltage substations.


For more information please download our complete training catalog (pdf):

Download detailed training catalog (English)

Download detailed training catalog (French)