Scada system migration to newer technologies in Africa on coal power plant

Activity: Power generation.

Project: Providing new server and client workstations. Migration to newer technologies.

Technologies: GE Fanuc series 90-30, Cimplicity v8.2 and v11, SQL Server 2019, Windows 10 professional for workstations (multi-boot system), SNP serial communication protocol (through RS-232 and RS-485), TCP/IP communications.

Achievement: Client’s hardware configuration replication (PLCs, PLCs’s programs, serial interfaces) in order to provide a turnkey solution. SCADA upgrade from Cimplicity v8.2 to Cimplicity v11. Archiving system upgrade from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2019. Implementation of a multi-boot system for use on any unit.

To go further: Possibility to add a Proficy Historian v8.0 archiving system (long archiving life) with a web-based trender accessible from the server and all client stations.

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