Power Generation

Power generation is at the core of IEPC Energy business.
With extensive expertise in the energy sector (hydro, thermal and nuclear); IEPC Energy personnel are able to provide wide-ranging services to meet the diverse requirements of leading global producers.
With considerable knowledge of all trades in this sector, IEPC Energy can provide highly skilled personnel to meet the specific challenges presented by our clients.

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Energy Transport

A genuine link exists between energy production and consumption. High-Voltage substations characterize the transport of energy. The complexity of work near High-Voltage fields requires full knowledge and compliance with all relevant safety guidelines.
With over 15 years experience in the field of substations (Gas-Insulated Substations and Air-Insulated Substations), IEPC Energy personnel work to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed in order to supply safe, efficient and reliable power distribution.

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Oil & Gas

Oil is one of the engines of modern industry. Operations, both onshore and offshore, demand the latest specialized technical expertise.

The diverse qualifications and competence of our staff play a key role in our strategy for future business. Our experience and perspective have proved valuable on previous projects.

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Processing Industry

The processing of raw materials such as cement, paper, steel, or even wastewater and sludge, requires heavy processes using electrical energy.

With regard to technical resources, the processing industry has similar requirements to those of power plants.

With our experience in the production of energy, we have had much success in this field.

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