Energy Transport

A genuine link exists between energy production and consumption. High-Voltage substations characterize the transport of energy. The complexity of work near High-Voltage fields requires full knowledge and compliance with all relevant safety guidelines.

With over 15 years experience in the field of substations (Gas-Insulated Substations and Air-Insulated Substations), IEPC personnel work to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed in order to supply safe, efficient and reliable power distribution.

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Projects Done

Electrical Protections Relay Retrofit in Africa on Gas power plant

IEPC has been awarded a retrofit contract for the upgrades of 4 electrical protection system units: Generator, Main Transformer and Distribution boards (MV&LV).
IEPC will supply the new design, the products (Advanced electrical protection relays). IEPC will install, commission and train the client on the products.

Electrical Protections Relay maintenance and AVR assistance in Latin America on Heavy Fuel power plant

IEPC has been awarded a maintenance contract for Electrical Protections Relay system and AVR support.

SCADA system migration to newer technologies in Africa on coal power plant

IEPC has been awarded a contract for the supply of new SCADA server and viewer.
IEPC will supply the SCADA and archiving system migration to newer technologies.

PSS tuning on hydro power plant

Tuning of a PSS2B production units in a new hydro power plant. Settings determination using the units characteristics, simulation and test on site.